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It's 12:00 AM. Are your systems safe right now? How secure are your information? Do you have the proper tools, personnel, policies and procedures to properly detect, defend and respond to Cybersecurity incidents?

Our goal is to detect and prevent attacks to your company or business data.

We can help by providing your company with services such as threat assessment studies, security awareness training, network penetration and vulnerability testing, detection, defense and incident response. We can install, configure and monitor security software and hardware tools what will provide you with corporate-wide protection against Cybersecurity threats such as phishing, malware, denial-of-service attacks and ransomware. We will also enhance and test your internal Cybersecurity policies and procedures, and implement best practices in order to ensure proper cyber-defense, business continuity and compliance.

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Hacking anything to secure everything

Vulnerabilities in applications, databases and networks introduce security weaknesses that can increase your data breach risk. But keeping track of the systems-throughout their lifecycle and evolution-and their associated vulnerabilities can be a monumental challenge. We help you find, fix and remediate vulnerabilities across your business to put you back in control and be more secured. Our Vulnerability Management services deliver proactive scanning, testing and remediation of application, database and network vulnerabilities so you can better protect your customer data, financial information, intellectual property and other key assets. Some of our services are provided by our very experienced partners who specialize in Vulnerability Management.

Find and stop advanced attacks for your business.

We will create a written Cybersecurity plan that will describe in detail all areas of risks and the methods to ensure a very high level of information systems security. We will install, implement, maintain and test all required software and hardware, and establish procedures and processes that are required in order to ensure optimal security environment, such as  SIEM, malware protection, well configured firewalls, secured e-mail systems, proper authentication procedures, strong passwords, proper group policies, etc. we will also establish proper backup procedures, including off-site backups, and conduct trial restores on a regular basis.


As a  managed security service provider (MSSP) , we monitor and manage security devices and systems. Common services include managed firewall, intrusion detection, virtual private network, vulnerability scanning and anti-viral services. We use high-availability security operation centre  to provide 24/7 services designed to reduce the number of operational security personnel an enterprise needs to hire, train and retain to maintain an acceptable security posture.

End-Point Security

When vulnerability is announced, companies have to quickly understand which devices – Laptops ,smartphones ,services etc. – Are at risk. Our security solutions are deployed to your endpoint devices to prevent malicious activity and investigate/respond 24/7/365.

Compliance Management

Most businesses collect and store sensitive information about their employees and customers, like Social Security numbers, credit card and account information, and medical and other personal data. If it gets into the wrong hands, it could lead to fraud and identity theft. That’s why any company that collects and stores sensitive information must consider the security implications and risks of using systems that are not well protected. Our team will ensure that your Information Systems are well protected and that you are in Compliance as it relates to, PCI/DSS and ISO 27001

About the company

Nsys is a provider of Systems and Cyber security services and solutions. Situated in the port city of Tema. We primarily provide a full stack of cyber security services. We serve our customers with state of the art solutions and services not limited to: Pen-testing, Vulnerability Management, Digital/Mobile Forensics, Device Security Management, Virtual Soc/Noc and Awareness

General Security Assessments
Compliance Assistance
Network Pen Testing
Social Engineering Assessments

What we protect

We provide our customers with state-of-the-art systems and data protection services utilizing advanced software and hardware tools from our very reliable and knowledgeable business partners

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